The Daily Routine

The Daily Routine

The start of each day is an important aspect of our school ethos for independence. Children hang up their own coats, put away their water bottles and lunch box if they have one. 
The classroom is set up with open ended activities from across the curriculum. These are designed to provide independent practice of prior learning. Children read, select and settle to a task for the first few minutes of the day. 
Each day there are three main teaching blocks of time, before and after a mid-morning playtime and a further main teaching session each afternoon. 
English and Maths are taught daily. A class session is delivered by the teacher and supported by a teaching assistant. Children are then directed to either an adult guided or independent task. These are related to the day’s learning and differentiated for different abilities. (See curriculum for further information.) 
Each morning from Reception to Year 2 a short lesson of phonics is taught. Children are quickly introduced to the 44 sounds and which make words in English and learn to read and write the first 100 tricky words. This knowledge and understanding provides the fundamental building blocks of early reading and spelling for writing. 
At 10:20am a short assembly is held. Following assembly children go out to play, returning to class at 10:40am.


Lunch begins at 11:55am after which children take themselves out to play ready to begin their learning again at 1:05pm. Each class has a dedicated lunchtime supervisor. Lunchtime is a social time and a range of play activities are provided.  Our adventure play equipment provides scope for imaginative and physical play.


Reading is a real priority for us here at Eastfield. Everyday the children read and are read to. Our Reading Practice sessions mean that children read with an adult at least 3 times a week. These adults are fully trained in the delivery of Little Wandle, our early reading scheme, and each session focuses on a different skill for reading fluently. The children read the same book, which is carefully matched to their ability 3 times in school and then they have the opportunity to  take the book home  and share their learning with the adults in their lives.

Our Timetable


At 3 years old children have an entitlement to 15 hours education.

Our Nursery operates a morning and afternoon session. A limited number of all-day spaces are available. Additional hours may be paid for where spaces allow. 

Nursery Morning session: 
Opens at 8:30 am. Doors closed at 8:45am. Nursery closes at 11:30am 

Nursery Afternoon Session: 
Opens at 12:30pm. Doors close at 12:45. Nursery closes at 3:30pm. 

A lunchtime club is in operation with spaces for up to 12 children. 

Main School

The school doors open at 8:45am (doors and gates are closed at 8:55am)

Play time 10:40 -10:55am

Lunch 11:55am -1:05pm

School closes at 3:15pm