Equality Statement

Eastfield Infant and Nursery School is set in a richly diverse community which provides many learning opportunities, including to learn about and respect one another.  

Our community comprises of different ethnic groups, a range of cultures, languages and religious beliefs. We have a variety of families and children including children and parents/carers with special educational needs and disabilities.

We believe it is essential that children learn to respect one another and our school has a legal duty, under the 2010 Equality Act, to do everything we can to make this happen. 

There are very few incidents of prejudice and intolerance in our schools. However, it is important that parents and carers understand how we will deal with any such incidents.

‘Prejudice-related’ behaviour refers to a range of hurtful behaviour, physical, emotional or both, which causes someone to feel powerless or left out, and which is connected with prejudices around belonging, identity and equality in wider society – in particular, prejudices to do the protected characteristics which are:

  • age
  • gender reassignment
  • being married or in a civil partnership
  • being pregnant or on maternity leave
  • disability
  • race including colour, nationality, ethnicity or national origin
  • religion or belief
  • sex
  • sexual orientation

In the event of a prejudicial incident taking place we would take immediate action. Ensuring that the matter is dealt with appropriately and lesson are learnt. We do also take certain preventative measures to ensure that such events do not occur in the first place.

Our Strategies to encourage equality amongst our community include:

  • Promoting positive attitudes and behaviour across our whole school community
  • Placing value on the diversity of our school through celebration and inclusion.
  • Removing and reducing inequalities and barriers caused by disadvantage through specific, targeted approaches.
  • Carefully considering and monitoring the demographical make-up of the school’s community to ensure all children achieve, given the equity of provision.
  • Ensuring that our communication links are accessible to all and are accommodating for the diversity within the school community.
  • Recognising and challenging discrimination, empowering all those in the school community to do the same.

At Eastfield Infant and Nursery School we are committed to equality

We do this by:

  • Ensuring that all children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Underpinning all strategic planning to improve the school through community voice.
  • Providing a robust induction for all staff and volunteers.
  • Valuing home language and culture.
  • Ensuring that staff are well trained in recognising and challenging discrimination.
  • Developing positive self-esteem alongside respect for others, ensuring that the community feel positive about differences.
  • Promoting Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development (SMSC) throughout the curriculum.
  • Ensuring that our Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) curriculum addresses and celebrates the diversity in our school and in an age appropriate manner explicitly references the protected characteristics listed above.
  • Ensuring that cultural capital leads the planning of the curriculum, so that that the diverse nature of the community is celebrated and learned from, using it to enhance and widen the scope of opportunities and experiences.