Learning At Home

Throughout the school year, we offer our parents and carers information sessions about how we teach specific areas of curriculum at school and how you can support your child at home. If you are unable to attend any of these sessions, then we will always email out the relevant information and resources.

Early Years Foundation Stage


Each week, our Nursery parents and carers will receive a weekly newsletter.

Within this newsletter, we will share information about what your child has been learning this week. This will include nursery rhymes, songs and stories of the week, key vocabulary and activities you might like to try at home, linked to the learning that has taken place in our Nursery this week.


Each week, parents and carers will receive a learning overview.

In this overview, we will share the sounds and tricky words your child has been learning in their phonics lessons, along with all of our Wow Words and vocabulary for that week. You can use the overview as an aid to start conversations about your child’s learning.

Our school believe that reading is one of the most important parts of learning and we understand how reading can impact on all other areas of learning. This means that when you child is in Reception, the biggest part of learning at home will focus around reading. Each week, children will come home with a phonics book and a self-chosen book.

  • Phonics book – This book follows our Little Wandle phonics scheme and is carefully matched to your child’s phonics knowledge. They will have read this book in school and are encouraged to read it at home to build their confidence and fluency.
  • Self-chosen book – This is a book to share together and parents/carers are encouraged to read this book to your child.

Along with reading, your child will also receive weekly handwriting activities based around the sounds they have been learning in this week’s phonics lessons.

For more detailed information about reading books and supporting your child’s learning at home, please visit the Reception class pages where you will find information and resources from our parent/carer information sessions.

Key Stage One

In Years 1 and 2 the children are set weekly homework. This comes home on a Friday, to be handed in the following Tuesday.

This will either be an English, Maths or a Foundation subject based task, to do collaboratively at home and is designed to help them to consolidate the learning they have been interacting with at school. 

The children will also bring home their Collins, Little Wandle linked reading book once a week. This will be a text that they have read three times in school and therefore are confident to read fluently to you. These books should come back into school the following week so that the next group of children can enjoy them. 

Just as they do in the Early Years, the children will also bring home a sharing book. This is a book to be enjoyed as a family and may well be a text that you can read to your child with them contributing to the occasional word or phrase.